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Listener panel study update

· 2 min read
Alinka Greasley
Cadenza Team Member
Scott Bannister
Cadenza Team Member

We have two major updates from the Cadenza project.

First, we completed the sensory panel study in which our participants with hearing loss developed audio quality scales for use in our listening experiments. We presented our study findings at the International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) in Tokyo, Japan in August and at the Basic Auditory Science (BAS) conference in London in September.

Second, the entrants in the First Cadenza Challenge have now submitted systems they devised to improve the audio quality of various music samples. These samples have been tailored for the hearing profiles of our listener panel participants and are currently being prepared for our online software.

We will be releasing the main online listening experiment over the coming days!

On 20th September, we ran a webinar for our listener panel. In the first part, we gave a short talk summarising the aims and results of the sensory panel study. You can watch the recording of this event in the next video.

Our thanks to the challenge entrants for their submissions!