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The 1st Cadenza Workshop on Machine Learning Challenges to Improve Music for People with Hearing Loss (Cadenza-2023)
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We are accepting papers related ‘First Cadenza Challenge’. For details of the format and submission deadlines, see below.

Papers can be submitted by emailing

Author kit

Please use the provided author kit to prepare your paper.

First Cadenza Challenge papers

  • Challenge entrants will submit 2 to 4 page technical reports (with an additional page allowed for references).
  • The submission deadline for challenge abstracts is 30th November 23:59 Anywhere on Earth.
  • For detailed instructions for preparing challenge submissions please refer to the First Cadenza Challenge website.
  • All challenge participants will be invited to present a talk at the workshop.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed to ensure that the challenge rules are met and that sufficient information is provided about the proposed system. Full papers (2 to 6 pages) will be due after the workshop and published in the workshop proceedings, provided that the review comments have been addressed.