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All teams are required to register prior to submission deadlines.

1. What audio do I need to submit?

You must submit the following audio for all the signals in the evaluation set:

  • The rebalanced stereo signal.
  • Predefined 10-second segments.
  • 16-bit
  • 32 kHz sampling rate
  • Compressed using the lossless FLAC compressor
  • 0 dB FS corresponds to 100 dB SPL

2. Code

We encourage you to make your code open source.

3. Technical report

  • Draft:
    • A draft of the technical report needs to be uploaded along with your evaluation signals.
    • The draft needs to be sufficiently complete for us to judge whether your system is compliant with the challenge rules.
  • Technical Report:
    • A two page technical report must be submitted as a paper alongside your data.
    • Your report should include an abstract and introduction and sections on experimental setup/methodology including system information and model/network architecture, evaluation/results, discussion, conclusion and references. Please provide an estimation of the computational resources needed. You must describe any pre-existing tools, software and models used.
    • We suggest you can use the ICASSP 2024 template.
    • The top five systems will be invited to submit a paper to the ICASSP 2024 special session.

4. How will intellectual property be handled?

See here under Intellectual Property.

5. Where do I submit the signals?

When you have registered you will receive a link to a OneDrive to which you will be able to securely upload your signals. All materials uploaded will be visible to the Cadenza Team but not to other entrants.

Your processed signals should be named using the conventions used by the baseline system:

  • <Scene ID>_<Listener ID>_remix.flac

Any changes to the naming convention may result in your signals not being able to be scored.